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Technology is rapidly changing and growing everyday. The way we look at business has changed drastically over the last few decades, and especially in the last few years, with the introduction and adoption of tech concepts like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). With widely accepted and applauded applications in engineering, healthcare, education, defense and aerospace, this virtual solution is a wave of technology crashing on us from the future.

Borncode develops innovative solutions that demystify these complex engineering ideas and digitally transform your business. Our AR, VR, and MR provide exceptional user experiences to your customers and seamlessly integrate with the values that business offers. We look at our AR, VR, and MR services as a fantastic combination of art and technology. Our engineers and experts follow a systematic yet extraordinary approach to tackle industrial solutions and basic engineering requirements tailored to meet the specific scenarios and needs of our customers.

Take a deep dive into these immersive AR, VR, MR and XR services from the house of Borncode:

  • Product design cycles
  • Visualize product features and functionality
  • Industrial engineering projects visualization
  • Experimental designing
  • Product and process engineering
  • Construction materials
  • Architectural designs

360° VR

We create brilliant cinematic experiences using 360 Videos, also known as 3DVR and Stereoscopic VR, by using multiple cameras in a to capture videos in 360 degrees around you.

AR Development

Experience immersive and interactive technology from the comfort of a screen as we design and develop AR applications for you. Added digital features such as voice control and touch activation to view your surroundings in an accessible, fun way.

VR Development

We also create immersive experiences in computer-simulated environments, flawlessly designed and developed by our expert engineering team.


AR and VR development in websites is an exceptional experience for users as they get to use high-end tech on a common web platform. It not only intrigues and makes people curious, but also adds value to your product on the web.

Why VR/AR?

With our real-world simulations, you save time, and cut down on costs and risks. AR and VR based training provides world-class exposure. These simulations are crafted by top engineers and have been proven to increase client engagement and retention.

We can help you upheave your planning processes and reduce errors through better understanding of complex engineering and design concepts. Overall, we can drastically improve your stakeholder engagement and workforce strength.

We assist you and steer the way for you to lead the market by building trust and excelling in analysis. We are deploying cutting-edge immersive technology everyday in thousands of products all over the world.

We Serve these Industries

We design and develop AR, VR, MR, XR content for global brands.

Electronics and Appliances

With our AR training tools, your service technicians can be trained to a full skillset. It also empowers you to offer remote problem resolution all over the world.

Real Estate

Engage and satisfy your customers with hyper-realistic real estate property visualizations. We offer premium VR experiences to boost your sales, speed up your turnarounds and deliver results immediately.


We help you provide experiential medical training and lower costs as well as time taken for these activities. VR is also a convenient alternative to the traditional methods of diagnosis. Being an immersive technology, it allows more diverse prevention and treatment solutions with higher patient satisfaction.


Cultivate all the important soft skills and creativity that a growing child needs, such as design thinking, problem solving skills and critical thinking with handcrafted immersive learning experiences from the comfort of your homes.

Get in touch with us for end-to-end VR/AR/MR/XR solutions for your brand

As brands are battling it out to provide the best customer experience, differentiating your CX is the sure shot way to improve and retain customer loyalty. Our approach is human-centric as we offer enhanced and strategic services in augmented and extended reality. Our work is to put the needs of people, their capabilities and aspirations at the top of our priority, and then create designs accordingly to accommodate their niche and industry. Our experience and expertise in strategy, process improvement and organizational effectiveness are key to our success and satisfaction of our customers.

Our AR/VR Design Process

We value the investment that you're making in AR/VR/MR/XR, and we can support and collaborate with you throughout the implementation process. As user experience perception is changing drastically, we want you to stay on top. We are positioned to help you unlock the value in immersive technology through multiple channels and converge the physical and the virtual in one seamless integration.

Here is our recommended approach to work:

  • Discovery and Use Case Definition
  • Agile design and development sprints
  • Sprint reviews
  • Testing and validation

Once the use case in finalized, we start with the preliminary design. The next major point is setting the strategy for the business to benefit from the technology.

Study and analyze business priorities
Identify and prioritize use cases
Identify personas
Define user stories and acceptance criteria
Map the UX journey
Decide the technical work approach

Once the technical details are agreed upon, we start with the basic design.
Map functional requirements
Design UI storyboards
Develop preliminary UI mockups
Define preliminary 2D and 3D assets

Selection of appropriate technology to realize the specifications given is another major challenge.
Work on key features
Define external data model
Agile Development Methodology in Sprints

Once the mockups are prepared and agile development progresses, we can start with the detailed design including selection of visual brands and detailed prototypes. Design detailed UI prototypes, 2D and 3D assets

This is followed by the development stage. Here we configure the style, assets, composition and go for validation.
Lay out static composition
Configure and style elements
Implement interactions
Integrate external systems
Update 2D and 3D assets
Proof of Concept

The final step of the process is to test our implementation against the requirements and corresponding technical specifications. This encompasses:

Protocol development
Solution demo socialization and acceptance
Support documentation provision
Formal validation
Knowledge transfe

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