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E-Commerce Application

E-Commerce businesses have become a necessity in today's world where everyone shops from online stores. They are thriving now in this ecosystem of countless opportunities online due to insane reach they get for the products and services these businesses offer. We, BCT, provide E-Commerce applications that facilitate easy navigation, sorting, filtering, and are secure to work with. Our experts guarantee that the E-Commerce Application Software Websites are reliable with a streamlined sopping experience. Contact and reach out to us if you feel that the e-commerce solution we offer is the one that you want. We are happy to work with you in customizing your website that generates pretty good profit due to the high-quality service we provide..
Platform Used: Responsive Web Application

Our Features


  • Top level domains, customer login, language options, and user-friendly navigation
  • Search bar, Product filtering, Save-later option, and add to Cart button
  • Customer reviews, Shopping Cart, Pricing information, Potential sales, discounts
  • Final price, Checkout page, Billing & Shipping address, Payment Gateway
  • FAQ, Returns & Exchanges, Store locator, Shipping Information, Order Tracking, Contact Us
  • Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Site Map

Admin Panel

  • Dashboard and Reporting Tools
  • Administrator, Customer, Store, Product, Order, Stock, Price, Shipping, Warehouse, Vendor, and Content Management/li>
  • Payment Gateway Integration, Root file Upload, SEO Management, Tracking code integration, Responsive design, Multilevel security, and Automatic Site Backup.

Gym management solutions

At Borncode, our gym management solutions can help your business run more smoothly and efficiently. By providing you with tools to manage your members, finances, and schedule, you can focus on what you do best - running your gym. Let our smart gym management solutions take the stress out of managing your gym, so you can focus on what you love - helping your members achieves their fitness goals.

Our simple and user-friendly Gym management web application can make it easy to track and manage all of the data associated with a gym. This data can include membership information, class schedules, equipment maintenance, and more. Having a central place to track and manage this data can help a gym run more efficiently and effectively.
Platform: Web Application

Our Features

  • User-friendly and streamlined dashboard
  • We provide a client portal where they can make selections on classes, registration, personal training booking, registration, and many more.
  • Our easy-to-use tools allow the clients to pay their bills with any latest possible mode.
  • You can keep track of your returns and operating expense.
  • Our application comes with a tailored CRM solution where a potential lead is converted to a happy customer
  • You can integrate systems with access control devices
  • Superior and auto- remainder membership details, payment, offers, and billing.
  • Cloud-based platform
  • Tracking and attendance management
  • Automated SMS and email communications
  • Tracking biological responses to the workout regime followed and its efficiency

Online or Internet radio Application

Borncode offers an internet/online radio service, which is a great way to stay connected to your favorite music and talk shows. This service offers over 100 different channels, including news, sports, and entertainment. In addition, you can create your custom station with your favorite songs and artists. Our internet radio services are distinguished by new features such as the ability to save programs offline and text RJs over applications like WhatsApp.
Platforms: Android &iOS mobile application and Web application

Our Features

  • Number of stations to select from
  • Ample playlist to listen to for any of your moods
  • Listeners can customize their channel
  • The convenient way to listen to music and other audio content without having to download files or subscribe to a service
  • News with text readable
  • Podcast with multiple title and sub title

Windows Base Restaurant Manager

To streamline the orders and sales in a restaurant environment, we developed a Windows Base Restaurant Manager referred to as Touchnorder. This customizable restaurant management system is designed and developed to be compatible with any food-related businesses including restaurants, hotels, food-trucks, and bars among other eateries. The universal tool helps your customers to order food digitally or online. It also helps you to manage all the financials included in running the eatery in a very streamlined manner. Some of these financials include payroll, budgets, inventory, and operations. Touchnorder is a novel tool that simplifies the processes of the hospitality industry with minimal human effort and maximum productivity. Borncode rewrites success for you as our Touchnorder provides the optimal bandwidth that helps you to focus on your business operations and customer & employee management process. With our hassle-free software solution, we take care of your technical details easily.
Platform Used: Windows or Desktop Application

Our Features

Order Management

  • Tracking of orders from various tables
  • Split Kitchen Order Printing
  • Printer Integration
  • Billing Management
  • Expenses Management
  • MIS Reporting

Customer feedback/rating application

Customer rating and feedbacks are important for any business and an application that can help gather this information is crucial. This feedback can then be used by the business to improve its products, services, or even its overall customer experience. Having an application that makes it easy for customers to provide feedback and ratings can be a valuable asset for any business.

By incorporating Borncode feedback systems into websites, businesses can improve their services, and ultimately, their profits. Our feedback systems allow businesses to reply to customers quickly, and make it easier for the customer to leave feedback. This not only reduces the amount of back and forth complaints, but increases customer satisfaction, as well.
Platform: Responsive Web Application

Our Features

Enhanced Admin panel with:

  • Feedback question management
  • Setting up emojis or icons
  • Customizable colors, logo, and domain name; MIS Reporting, CRM

Enhanced Frontend with:

  • Easy and quick feedback option, with emoji's
  • Customer basic information fields - name, email address
  • Rating and review collection
  • Customer suggestions

Audio and E-Book Application (Voca Book)

We, Borncode, have designed and developed an application named Vocabook, which facilitates readers to listen to various books of different genres on multiple devices. Our e-book reader comes with advanced technologies such as multiple bookmarking, setting a reading schedule, membership options, reading groups, libraries, and setting up sleep time preferences among others. The audiobook application we developed is one among the best streamlined applications with best in-class designs and advanced playback options.


Admin Panel:

  • Manage Books: Add, edit, remove e-book uploads, book-category settings, language support, and price management offers.
  • Membership Management: Individual and Group Membership plans
  • Product Management: Most rated best-sellers, new arrivals, currency settings, and language settings.
  • MIS Reporting


  • User registration and login
  • Product display
  • Enhanced search and filter
  • Rating, Reviews, and Add to Cart
  • Add to Wishlist and Checkout
  • Payment gateway and paying options
  • Membership Plans & Renewal Options
  • Packages and Offers; Purchase and Order Details
  • Books Purchased, Library, Reading or Listening Books, Multiple Bookmarking, Sleep time

Incidence or Ticket Tracking System

To track your tickets, incidence, or itinerary, we, Borncode Technologies, have designed and developed a software platform that cater to your needs. We focus on tracking tickets so that you can carry on with your processes without any issues or hassles. Our experts have developed novel innovative technologies that aid in a streamlined ticket tracking system, which you can access anytime from anywhere.


Streamlined Tracking System

  • Auto Ticket number generation
  • Auto Job allocation to the right department & right staff
  • Priority allocation
  • Ticket status updates
  • Auto escalation for unattended ticket based on the priority
  • Ticket transfer to the senior level
  • Ticket re-open and tracking
  • Reports
  • Reminders
  • Performance Tracking
  • MIS Report
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