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Borncode Technologies UAE got founded as a relief to struggling business companies, organizations or enterprises. As an integrated IT Solutions company, our main focus lies in helping businesses through our products and services related with software development for web applications, mobile applications, and E-Commerce websites among others.

We work in designing and developing software for various applications along with being outsourcing partners to many of our clients and customers. Our areas range from custom software development to data science and digital marketing with analytics services while using innovative cutting-edge technologies to design & develop our products and services.

Since our inception into the competitive marketplace, we have grown steadily over the years amassing experience and expertise through a group of dynamic vibrant professionals. Contact us to know more about our work and how we can customize your businesses for you.


Our main mission and aspirations lie in helping businesses digitally transform themselves. The digital marketing team works with our clients and customers to customize your business ideas to make it more efficient and productive. Our other domains chip in as well, as per the needs and requirements of this digital transformation. In each project we undertake, we aligns our vision with our clients' or customers' vision and work towards achieving it through the tools and strategies we have at our hands. We intend to be a one-stop destination, which provide innovative solutions that give your business ideas the wings it deserve.


We, Borncode Technologies UAE, enthusiastically work to become a revolutionary IT company. Through innovation and creativity we intend to transform businesses by the intelligent use of technologies. Our aspirations lie in becoming a trusted global digital business transformation firm with the help of the products and services to provide to our clients and customers.


At BCT UAE, our main values include professionalism, responsibility, efficiency, communication, and our philosophy. We noticed that countless business establishments started struggling after completing a certain amount of tenure. Apart from being an IT company, we aim to help these struggling businesses where we took the initiative in this direction. With innovative technologies in the forefront, we are giving support to the businesses for achieving more profit and efficiency. Care to join us? We are responsible for upholding our values while focusing on devising effective strategies that help businesses transcend into the path of huge success. Communication is vital for us to work and survive and it is a major value that connects us with our clients and customers. So, what are you waiting for?

Our Team

At Borncode Technologies UAE, we are a dynamic and vibrant team of professionals who work in various domains that keeps our company together as a single unit working together. We are highly motivated individuals working towards the goal of helping other businesses. Everything we design and craft aligns well with our ideologies, mission, vision, and values or philosophies. We keep learning on-the-go, which makes us more efficient in helping others with the aid of relevant technologies. Our strength lies in combining the technology expertise with brilliant minds, which yield glowing results. As a team, we work towards our goal of delivering high-quality solutions to the stakeholders by always adding value to the businesses. We are committed to your business growth and our team supports you all the way from initiation to success.

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