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Mobile Application Development for Cross Platform, Android and iOS

At a time when access to smartphones is rising exponentially worldwide, the relevance of mobile applications is further heightened. For application owners, mobile applications act as a major source of data analytics, market study, credibility, and customer connectivity.

A mobile-optimized application goes a long way in customer acquisition as well as retention, plus added profitability. Borncode's skilled pool of iOS and Android mobile developers have the creative chops and experience to build and deliver high-end mobile applications as per the varying requirements of projects and for different industries and clients. We have hands-on experience and a curated skillset to develop Android apps, iOS apps for iPhones and iPads, Cross-Platform mobile apps, apps for Windows phones, as well as app maintenance and support solutions.

#1 Mobile applications Development Company

Mobile applications are letting businesses reach out to a wide user base all over the world. Not only have they improved the accessibility, but have also brought brands closer to people on a personal level. They are improving profitability through new customers and enhancing the retention rates of existing customers.

Borncode has years of experience building mobile applications for different industries and businesses, delivering smooth, valuable, and stunning experiences each and every time.

Mobile Application Development Technologies

Our development tools and technology stack are chosen for perfection and maximum ROI for our clients. We never let you miss an opportunity to add value and make sales over mobile platforms. By investing in a strong UI/UX team and experienced mobile developers, you can attract and retain customers to grow your business. Our developers combine code quality with exemplary, robust system architecture that delivers neat performance throughout.

Our solutions for mobile apps cover the following:


We create multifaceted Android applications for mobile, TV and other devices in Java or Kotlin. Our Android experts are well-versed with the Android platform and are experienced with the tiniest details of working with every Android device type, brand, and custom ecosystem. Borncode's highly qualified team builds fast, reliable, and sophisticated Android applications that appeal to users worldwide.


Our iOS developers are adept at developing top-notch mobile applications using native programming languages like Swift or Objective-C. Join us to leverage our deep expertise in iOS app development. We build engaging iOS experiences across iPhones and iPads suitable for every type of industry and project complexity. If you require high-quality, consistently high-performing iPhone app development services, our professional iOS app developers can show you the way.

Cross platform

One of the most important requirements these days is that applications must work seamlessly in all their functional and aesthetic finesse irrespective of the platform they're viewed on. Our developers build React Native and Flutter-based apps that run across multiple device platforms with consistent functionality.

Hybrid Platform

A combination of web apps and native mobile apps brings the best of cost-effectiveness and strong features in a beneficial manner. Hybrid mobile application frameworks help you tap into a wider audience with their speed and accessibility.


We build the entire infrastructure of your mobile application, including business logic and API communication.

Our Agile Mobile Application Development Process

Our proactive approach to successfully developing mobile applications generates repeatedly successful results for our clients. We deliver maximum returns on your time and money investment and are committed to keeping our clients in the loop at every stage of development. Our process is fine-tuned and optimized to achieve a well-made end product tailored to your requirements.

Consulting and Strategy

We build an innovative, result-oriented mobile strategy for our clients based on deep market research and technology consulting services.

Design and UX

We join forces with you to unlock our repository of user-centric design tools and expertise to create beautiful mobile experiences.

Engineering and Delivery

Our engineering process is mostly based on iteration and consultation with clients. We ensure that the digital products delivered are of top-notch efficiency, cost-effective, and are delivered timely.

QA and Optimization

We smoothen the introduction of new products and their integration into your infrastructure. All digital products from us are assured top quality and we give users the insights they need for optimization.

Custom Mobile Application Development Agency

We develop custom mobile applications that are efficient and designed to meet specific business growth needs. Gain more leads, close more sales, and retain the attention of existing customers, and improve efficiency wherever required. Since your application is designed uniquely with a set of features and functions to match the growing needs of your business, custom mobile development provides the option of scalability. More and more businesses are looking at custom mobile development as a means to achieve rapid growth and advancement in business.

How we help you grow your business with mobile applications


We offer mobile development consulting services to create a project strategy aligned with your company's goals. Our advice is based on decades of experience, deep analysis of the market, and based on our combined technical prowess.

Full-cycle Development

Trust us to deliver the whole gamut of mobile application development services, covering custom mobile development on iOS or Android platforms, cross-platform apps, hybrid apps, and creating seamless user experiences across devices.


Often, it takes a visionary to present a groundbreaking idea. If you have a vision for your business product, we offer you the right skill box and the talent to convert it into a full-fledged application. We build cost-effective MVPs and test your concept so that you can launch fast and impactfully in a fluctuating market.

#1 iOS Application Development services

We are the one-stop solution for your iOS application development needs. Whether you're building for an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, tablets, or smartwatches, we have the dream team for you. Our products are designed with stunning interfaces, creative user experiences, and top-quality programming code. We can help you reach the billions of Apple product users through our experience as a force in the mobile application development services domain, covering a range of industries and sectors. We have several built successful applications that have impacted the growth of our clients' businesses and helped achieve their goals.

Join us, we'll turn your idea into a sleek, functional iOS application. A trusted partner in every niche, we offer full-cycle development services for all iOS devices.

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