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Enterprise Resources Planning

Without an accurate, systematic, customized, and hassle-free means to manage the resources of an enterprise, an organization will struggle to keep its operations afloat and organized. Borncode's ERP solutions have been built for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs. We assure a fully customized system based on your business, goals, requirements, and your niche. We help you run your business in the most productive way and integrate the operations of various interacting departments. Borncode has everything you need to run your business flawlessly.

Our ERP Software Solutions

If you're a services company, we can advise you on how to sell your services efficiently and provide you with the best ERP for the services industry. ERP software from Borncode seamlessly integrates your everyday business operations including generating leads and customers, setting up subscription plans, establishing a loyalty program to build a strong rapport with regular customers, and more. With us you can explore smooth and fast accounting services as well as management and billing of multiple projects, setting up maintenance schedules and visits, etc. at the touch of a button.

Connect with and Manage your Customers

Our EEP software allows companies to store multiple contacts, emails, and phone numbers under each customer's name. You can avail other special features such as credit limiting upon exceeding a certain tab limit or start a full-fledged loyalty program to earn the goodwill of your customers. We also assist you with automatic tax calculations by assigning a dedicated account manager, Tax ID and tax category. If you have customers abroad, we have you covered - you can transact in a different currency, and the exchange rates will be applied at checkout automatically.

Set up Subscription Plans Easily

As one of the top business models today, subscription businesses are running the game. If you want to launch a subscription model, Borncode's ERP software will be an amazing fit. Browse through our recurring subscription plans and assign them to customers as per their preferences. Play around with our features like trial period, discounts, tax calculation, and more. The tool generates invoices automatically after the trial period. You can also set the frequency for the subscription, on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Project management Assistance

We offer you some of the most sophisticated and yet simple-to-use project management tools to manage your internal and external projects efficiently. Our effort management tools help you to bill your customers in the most efficient manner for each hour your employees spend on the project.

Stay on top of your projects and get updates on their status constantly using our Gantt charts and Kanban boards. You can also create new tasks and assign employees, track progress and visualize and measure the project as it proceeds.

Manage Issues with a Robust Help desk

To organize and manage the steady stream of assistance calls and support requests that you might receive, we have created a strong help desk system. It has an automatic ticket raising feature whenever customers send an e-mail issue to a specific mail ID. You can also classify issues by leads, projects, or companies and measure quality using details such as response time and agreements.

Stick to Standards with a Service level agreement

To offer high quality solutions quickly to the incoming issues, we have a service level agreement that measures and records important parameters regarding service quality such as time taken to respond to a ticket and resolution.

Our enterprise planning software can apply SLAs automatically to new issues. You can also set customized targets and actions to ensure the satisfaction and retention of your customers, support hours during which your team will be available for communication, and other criteria.

Record and Manage Warranty claims

With us, you can maintain a simple and straightforward record to manage warranty and maintenance for every single item sold to your customers. Since your inventory is serialized, it becomes easier to determine which units are out of the warranty period or annual maintenance contracts.

If the item actually raises a valid claim, the tool can further assist you to register customer details and take steps for resolution. You can further schedule and follow up on maintenance visits to resolve claims on large equipment installed at any location.

Schedule and follow up on Maintenance visits

With our ERP software, you can record maintenance visits for sold items that need to be serviced at a customer site or cannot be moved to a service center. We also let you note and measure progress at these maintenance visits, and record the important details such as name of the maintenance person and work completion status.

Set up scheduled maintenance visits as per your annual maintenance contract. To keep your customers satisfied and get positive feedback, regular maintenance visits might be required. Once the frequency of these visits is input to the system, your maintenance schedules can be generated by the tool periodically.

Accounting Software Solutions

Bookkeeping is one of the most important tasks of running a strong business. With all the right accounting tools in one place, our ERP software lets you view your cash inflow and outflow in real-time. Our full-fledged accounting module lets you manage your finances with a range of features covering every aspect of bookkeeping, right from recording everyday transactions to generating and analyzing financial reports.

Billing and pricing Software Solutions

We offer end-to-end customer billing services so that you can stay on top of invoices to be sent and keep track of receivable payments easily. Email or SMS linking facility ensures that you receive updates and timely notifications regarding payment. You can also easily set up defaults using custom templates from Borncode's ERP system.

Customize as you go

You can use our ERP software solution as a custom buildable system to create your own custom software. You can add custom fields in your forms and auto-fetch values, hide some fields, and create custom formats, even without knowledge of any programming language.

Talent, HR and Payroll

We have full HR management and payroll solutions to manage the complete employee life cycle beginning from their recruitment, onboarding and induction, effort and payroll, reimbursement claims, in-company assets, and separation proceedings from the company. Managing employee activities, attendance, leaves and expenses, and onboarding activities such as training and recurring events such as appraisals is a complex process that grows in size with the company. Our ERP software lets you customize your payslips and handle payrolls efficiently.

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