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Data Analytics & Market Study

Data being the oil of the 21st century, and a lot of companies having access to user data from all over the world, everybody is on the lookout for the right tools and manpower to gather analysis and scientific study based on it. Decision making is a critical part of running a business - data has entirely changed the way businesses approach decision making. Data empowers business operations and supports their continuity more efficiently and effectively.

Data analysis involves inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data to arrive at inferences, conclusions and actionable insights. At Borncode Technologies, we have the best data analysts, data engineers and experienced researchers to support you for all your data mining, data integration, data processing, data cleaning, modeling and algorithms, data product and communication requirements.

Our Services

Data Analytics

Leverage our analytics expertise to gain competitive edge over your competition through strategic data-driven decision making. We provide you with the leading tools and advanced technology, as well as statistical techniques for data analysis.

Artificial intelligence is fueled by the insights that it is provided to work with. To tap into the powerful data that can unlock smart and game-changing insights for your business, we can assist you with the right people and the perfect system.

There are so many hidden opportunities in the tons of data that is possibly overlooked at your firm. Unused information piles up from sources like online transactions, devices, and other places only to remain that way - unless the experts look into it and decide to analyze and apply the insights to your decision-making process. With such predictive intelligence, you can make leaps in how you conduct business.

The benefits of such a steady flow of data-based insights are many; apart from boosting your revenue and helping you target relevant customers; it helps you make smarter decisions faster. All this, while innovation and technological advancement are a serious priority. However, if you want to extract the most out of your technology and AI investments, you need to have high-quality, mobilizable data and smooth data supply chains to ensure that your processes stay transparent, reliable and accessible. Experience the convenience and technological prowess tailor-made for your industry and specific business needs. With us, you're guaranteed to perform and compete better.

Sales And Marketing Analytics

We implement end-to-end management of sales and marketing activities. We help measure the outcome of initiatives starting from the design stage through implementation. By analyzing the marketing activities and deriving insights, we give companies data-based insights on resource allocation, and consultation on finer targeting to optimize results.

Supply Chain Analytics

As organizations are expanding their global presence, there are increasing complexities surrounding supply chain visibility, inventory planning, logistics cost, etc. Borncode's supply chain analytics services offer complete solutions to evaluate supply chain performance, reduce costs, as well as optimize planning and enhance the real-time supply chain visibility.

Big Data Analytics

If you're a business that wants to put its data in perspective and derive insights that you can act upon, or achieve the fullest operational efficiency, maximize risk management capabilities, or evaluate customer satisfaction from various media and other sources, our big data solutions are at your beck and call. Our data analysts possess a set of strong digital tools from executive dashboards and cockpits to real-time reporting tools.

Market Research Services

Our market research services are performed with the intent of deriving strong insights to assist companies to grow, spread out, diversify, and tackle competition. With our deep knowledge and understanding of customers and the market, we help businesses identify traditional and unconventional growth opportunities and craft a winning strategy.

Our experts and qualified consultants employ quantitative and qualitative market research methods across primary and secondary sources, gather fully reliable market intelligence, and carefully extract the insights and custom market research data to aid the growth of the company. We cover the maximum possible research areas in our quest for information and present our findings as neat visualizations. Our comprehensive market research services also make use of a widened research strategy with advanced business intelligence techniques.

Market Opportunity Assessment

Before you step into a market, you'd want to know if the market is ready for a new offering or if there are any entry barriers to new businesses in the domain. Our market opportunity assessment is a comprehensive review of such potential risks, barriers, analysis of distribution channels, and other scientific methods to calculate the risk and benefit associated with entering a market.

Market Entry Research

We advise businesses in market entry after a thorough review of macro and micro economic environments, potential barriers to entry/operations, competitor offerings and other alternatives, and develop robust route-to-market strategies based on the data analysis.

Market Scanning and Monitoring

With our advanced scanning and monitoring services, your business can keep an eye out for your target market segments. Our wide array of monitoring services let you track new and upcoming market trends, predict and prepare for demand-supply shifts, understand and become a player in regional markets, and take advantage of the changing business environments in various market segments.

Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking

Analyze your competitors' market presence, business model, strategies and financial position with our expert competitive intelligence and benchmarking solutions. We offer our knowledge and expertise to evaluate competition and create strategies based on intelligence.

Comparative Market Analysis

We help businesses create and offer solutions for market analysis and set the price points for their products or services after gaining an understanding of how much they are sold at by competitors. We can adjust your pricing strategy to reflect market standards and also introduce special offers, discounts and sales.

Inventory Forecasting

Our inventory forecast services help your business to meet customer demands consistently and successfully even in a competitive market ecosystem. Fulfilling your customer demands seamlessly implies avoiding excess inventory as well as embarrassing out of stock situations. We help you strike a balance by identifying the right inventory of goods at all times.

Industries We Serve

  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • IT & Telecom
  • Financial Services
  • Power and Energy
  • Chemicals
  • Metals and Mining
  • Food and Beverage
  • Retail and CPG
  • Transportation
  • Packaging
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