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Customized Software Solution

Depending on the industry, type of operations, and objectives of the business, you might need certain customized solutions for specific need and scenarios. This poses a challenge since creating a customized software solution requires foresight, engineering excellence, and is often preconceived as expensive. Borncode Technologies has been taking up the development of challenging software solutions for a variety of niches and industries since decades. Our custom software solutions are comprehensive, accurate, secure, user friendly and reliable. We listen to your needs, analyze your market and competition, script algorithms and build the platform you need to tap into the potential business opportunity.

We are a Custom Software Development Company that adds Value to Businesses

Our team is constantly updated with the technology trends in the industry. We keep up with novelties and make it a point to involve high-end technology whenever our clients need it. However, while choosing the tools to build our applications, we go for reliability and efficiency. Our software development technology stack is optimized for performance and consistency as well as complete data security.

Tailor-made Solutions for your Business

Custom software solutions are more flexible and scalable, since they are tailor-made for your business. For businesses in any stage of their growth, custom software offers more freedom and room for future advancements.


Custom software is fully owned by the customer as soon as it is delivered, and that allows a greater sense of freedom and flexibility in its use. The unique features and functions can be toyed with and easily added or removed based o immediate requirement.


Capturing the right opportunity at the opportune moment is essential for the survival of any business. With our scalable, customizable, ready-to-use custom software with complete ownership, you can make tweaks when your business demands it.


With our custom software, you don't have to pay additional monthly subscription costs or royalty for its use, while still having the right to scale, personalize or integrate as per your needs.


Custom solutions give you an edge over your competitors and is an investment in the direction of efficiency and performance. Give yourself a boost of productivity with a tool that is made for your unique needs.


As a company-specific software development expert, we understand that the maintenance and support requirement could also be for a fixed duration. We give you the flexibility to choose the type of maintenance and its duration in a cost-effective manner.

Custom Software Development Services for Businesses

We have been solving challenging problems faced by businesses and organizations through industry-leading software solutions. Aligned with our vision to assist businesses achieve their goals, our technical experts put their heads together to find answers to urgent process and workflow-related shortcomings. Through our consulting services, we also offer our know-how and methodologies of custom software solutions for different industries and requirements.

Enterprise Applications

Our enterprise resource planning applications are robust and reliable, built by software engineers with decades of programming expertise. The projects that we have received belong to a wide array of use cases such as project management, process automation, workflow automation, payrolls, HR, and integration of applications in various fields.

SaaS Applications

We offer timely and cost-effective commercial SaaS-based applications. As a SaaS development company of popular choice in the USA, our software development services let our customers use applications online, or with installation as per their preferences. They also get to decide about flexible maintenance requests. Our solutions deliver on the promise of code quality and non-stop technical support. Our SaaS product development is amply supported by a fully equipped team of senior developers, business analysts, Quality Assurance professionals and UI/UX designers in United Arab Emirates, in the USA, Middle East and Europe.

Ecommerce Applications

Borncode is one of the best e-commerce development agencies in the USA, Middle East and UK region. With intricacies in design and engineering, building a custom e-commerce solution takes acumen, skill, and tenacity. We build robust online shopping websites and associated mobile applications for retail and wholesale companies to provide their customers a hassle-free shopping experience. Our e-commerce solutions help companies explore new markets and extract their full growth potential. Some of the top features of our applications include:

  • Streamlined inline product catalog surfing
  • Integrated payment
  • Inventory management
  • Security features

iOs, Android Mobile Applications

Our master mobile app developers offer full-cycle development services for native and cross-platform apps. As an iOS and Android app development company based in the USA and Middle East, we have been rigorously working on improving and innovating our methods in custom iOS, Android, and Hybrid mobile applications. Apart from attracting a new user base to your business, our app also converts your business ideas to revenue while ensuring the security of your users' data.

Product Development

Taking a product from idea through launch is a complex process. We take up the management of product development in an innovative and budget-bound manner. You can count on our technical experts to assist you with every stage of development throughout the cycle until delivery of the final full-fledged product.

Software Development Consulting Services from Seasoned Software Consultants

Your in-house IT teams can rely on our software consultants for our full range of consulting and technical support as well as knowledge share throughout the full-cycle technological product development process. Our software developers and specialists in web and mobile development work hand in hand with your teams to overcome bottlenecks and deploy smart software solutions leveraging practical knowledge and workarounds. We ensure that know-how is transferred to your team in the duration of the project, especially the areas of project management, product development and process flow optimization.

Our Reliable Custom Software Solutions are Trusted by all major Industries

We have a complete range of solutions to get your strategy and unique software fully developed in a matter of days, irrespective of which niche and industry your business is operating in. We have decades of experience building success stories through custom software for various startups, SMBs, enterprises, industries and other sectors.

As a custom software consulting company, we work with big and small names across the globe, to assist you with our technical knowledge and software consulting skills. Our consultants have completed years as developers and experts in this domain. These are some of the industries we have contributed to:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Data Analytics
  • E-commerce
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Media
  • Construction
  • Travel
  • Utilities
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