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Applications Development

Borncode is a top tech solutions developer specializing in data analytics, mobile app, website development and web applications development services. We create solutions for all industries and all niches from agriculture to digital learning. Our seasoned technology developers are adept at programming languages, libraries and supporting frameworks ensuring full and complete technical expertise at our end. Each solutions design and development project is managed by the strongest teams to deliver a rich experience for our clients. We also look out for cutting-edge and emerging technologies and platforms to stay on top of our domain, every day.

#1 Web Development Company you can Trust

We are a top-rated web development company in United Arab Emirates with a vast skill reserve. Our in-house talent comprises full stack experts (front-end, back-end, database) who can create aesthetic design as well as bold functionality in websites. Whether you're looking for a simple CMS-powered website or a robust enterprise application development solution, our web developers and designers have you covered.

Evaluate your Current Website for Loopholes

Not all websites are equally well-made. Some websites are exceptionally created whereas others are in need of serious revamping for a better visual experience, security reasons or easier navigation. Any business needs an online address to be found. A website needs to represent your brand and communicate your USP to visitors in a matter of mere seconds. Convince and convert your website visitors into paying customers by investing in the right design and development services today. Let us analyze your website to evaluate security lapses and other shortcomings so that your business doesn't miss a strategic opportunity, lose its reputation, or suffer a competitive disadvantage because of an underperforming website.

We professionally analyze and assist with the following services:

  • Loading speed
  • Web Design
  • Ease of navigation
  • Security review

We cater to the web development needs of top companies of the world.

Borncode builds experiences, not just websites.

We cover a multitude of web development services for industries across the globe with our competent web design and development resource persons.

The websites that we build are:

  • Simple to use and navigate
  • Fast loading
  • Responsive
  • SEO friendly

Our Web development Team

Knowledgeable associates always set a company apart from the competition through their flawless execution of the most intricate tasks. Our professional web developers are qualified and practiced in modern web development languages such as Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node JS, Java, Ruby on Rails, C++, C, Kotlin, Dart, PHP, ASP.Net, MEAN stack and others. With portfolios demonstrating key projects in high-end applications and websites, they are invaluable contributors to our work.

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Explore our Web Development Services

We offer you everything your website will need and more - brilliant, user-centric designs, seamless user experiences, and compelling functionality behind the scenes. Executing neat line after line of code keeps us going as we churn out work that enhances and uplifts the stature of your organization. Our digital experience experts pour in their time and skills into handcrafting solutions that are pleasing to the eye and exceed expectations every time.

What do you want to build today?

We build for every industry out there. We cover every need you have. With us, you can give wings to your dream project. Our specialties include, but are not limited to:

  • fintech solutions
  • e-commerce websites
  • portfolios
  • full-fledged entertainment websites
  • audio and video streaming website

Content Management System

The global technology landscape is ever changing and demanding. Our proficient UI/UX designers and web developers help you grow with the times. We can optimize your current CMS or build new ones. To stay agile and relevant, we provide you with end-to-end content management solutions powered with:

  • Powerful architecture
  • simplified workflows
  • easy-to-use functionalities
  • responsive design
  • Built-in analytics

Our customized services offer you guidance on user-friendly CMS implementation through stages from installation to regular use and support. With a reliable CMS implementation partner, your team can author, collaborate, and manage website content on your own, even with little to no coding experience.

eCommerce Web Development Services

We deliver specialized e-commerce development solutions on trending and robust platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, etc. to drive shopping traffic from anywhere in the world. The designs and in-built specialized features have tremendously helped businesses succeed all over the world.

Web Applications

Web applications are immensely popular due to their accessibility and the fact that they don't need to be installed on any device. They also be accessed on all devices and through multiple browsers, allowing users total freedom on its usage.

We leverage the most reliable web development methodologies and technology to build robust, usable, and delightful web applications. Even if you have a blurry picture of what your project should look like, we can help you transform it into a fully functional website. Practiced in-house computer engineers at Borncode handle the various web requirements using the apt technology from our vast skill palette. We have experts in almost all languages and frameworks, including Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Python with Django, etc. With immense passion for what we do, we can translate your company's goals and mission into the aesthetic appearance and clear voice of your online presence.

Software Tools And Technology Stack

When we choose a particular technology stack for a project, we consider the following criteria:

  • Client budget
  • Type of project
  • Timeframe for completion

Accordingly, we choose the development tools, technology, and methodology. We have an experienced team of project managers, web designers, developers, marketing specialists, analysts, and experts in all major programming languages and frameworks. Together, they deliver the apt solutions for every type of client requirement.

Responsive Website – Flexible, Real-Time and Mobile-Compatible Web Pages

The overwhelming number of screen sizes available today pose another serious question to developers - how do web pages appear on each of these screens? At Borncode, we deliver fully responsive websites created using adaptive design and responsive layouts. Someone browsing your website from a smartphone will be able to appreciate the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your website as much as someone who is using the same website on a desktop.

This doubles down as advantages in:

  • Brand exposure
  • Lead captures
  • Sales, irrespective of whether your customers are using a smartphone, laptop, desktop or a tablet.

Website Maintenance & Services

We already excel at creating new websites. However, we can also save poorly performing websites from further degradation as well. Our website maintenance services toolkit is specifically aimed at helping you to save time and money invested on upgrading your website completely every few years. Through our customer-centric web designs, result-oriented marketing tools, and in-built features, several businesses have tremendously boosted their sales and added value to their online products and services. Our skill bank is vast yet balanced and our expertise is curated to guarantee a responsive and hassle-free online experience.

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