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We are a UAE-based integrated IT solutions company with a team of technology specialists with extensive experience in custom software development, data science, robotic process and automation.

Across the MENA region, our coding services have helped businesses grow and evolve by leveraging innovative cutting-edge technologies.

Technology Stack

Our technology stack is vast and diverse. We consider ourselves tool-agnostic, though. The choice of technologies for development depends on the requirements of the project and the budget constraints of our clients. We help them get the most value out of their investment and our technical mastery.

Programming Languages

Web3, Java, Angular, .Net, .Net core, React JS, Nest JS, Nod Js, React Native, Python , Ios, Objective C, C#, Kotlin, Android, PHP, Typescript are popular globally and with our team as well as preferred languages for development. Our skilled computer programmers are flexible and can use both stable and new development languages. And Integration with different servers, like AWS, Azure, etc.

How We Work

Borncode is an established Emirati based software development company which has roots in United Arab Emirates, Middle East, Europe& in the USA with a proven track record in software development services, Data Analytics, mobile app development, design and technology consulting, analytics, digital transformation and IT outsourcing solutions to businesses all over the world.

Over the years, we have become a trusted partner to diverse companies, brands and businesses at different points in their digital journey. We are here to support our clients, accelerate their digital innovation process and shorten time-to-market.

Our steps from accepting a project to handing it over to the customer are different for each type of service rendered. Generally, we can help you with:

The discovery phase is all about the product - this is where we lay down a complete roadmap from brainstorming for a product idea to the MVP development. In discovering the product strategy,
we perform ideation sessions for the product idea/problem statement, then perform a concept and problem statement validation (so that we don't build something that nobody wants), user and market research (to understand who our potential customers are, and which markets they're distributed across), and finally build the minimum viable product.
Our design is human-centric. Once the project has been given the green signal for production, we start with outlining the design sprints. Across sprints, we develop an architecture for
user experience, then start wire-framing. At the end of the design phase, we create the prototype of the app, website or software product.
We follow lean and agile methodologies for development. In the development phase, we focus on infrastructure architecture for web applications, mobile applications, e-commerce
applications and custom software solutions.

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Industries We Serve

We cater to the diverse technology requirements of startups including MVP development, custom software solutions for large enterprises, product companies, digital agencies and small and medium-sized businesses. We have an active and enthusiastic team of web and mobile app developers specialising in their respective platforms.

Each project that is crafted inside the house of innovation at Borncode is tailor-made for our clients. Our design is user-centred, and our work is requirement-specific. We walk the extra mile to ensure a transparent development process and thorough communication throughout the development cycle. We have been developing web, mobile app and software solutions to address problems in the following industries:

Real Estate

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Online Radio Applications & Solutions
Customer feedback/ rating application
Visitors/reception management solution
Audio Book

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