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Some Body!!!! Anybody please help, this was us 1 year back, where we were struggling to raise our head around the waves. We were in the affiliated construction business for decades, however, couldn’t identify new client base. We were munching and doing business with the same client database for years with limited access to growth and increased competition. It was Oct 2016; our growth rate hit new low, which was a inverse effect of gulf crisis with limited spending from people. We never charged more; it was that we were not able to convey the message to the people. One fine day when we were brainstorming how to penetrate to wider geography, I noticed my cousin fiddling with the computer to complete his school project, and then it appeared, in the big screen ‘GOOGLE’. And that was it, we decided to go online. The action plan was put forward .First and foremost we wanted a website to portray our company. Since we were ignorant we needed a helping hand to get things started. After consulting with many experts in the field we narrowed down to BORNCODE a start up. How to select the best provider Well-managed companies usually excel at many things and Borncode is no exception Goals: Customer satisfaction, sales, crisis management were there key USP.

In today’s world where technology and internet has been the key driver, it is almost essential to have a website for your business. Viewing everything online is the trend of the and having a website is the best way to boost your business. But, just having a website is not enough. This website should be designed with latest tools and technologies so that the user gets the latest and the best experience. The website should be designed keeping the future and the target users in mind. Keeping all these things in mind, a good website has to be created .We have hired Borncode a website development company which has a good reputation in the market to design our ecommerce website. These companies have a team of experienced and professionally qualified individuals who have the complete knowledge of the website development process and the latest tools and technologies. They can help in developing a website within the given budget and time which will enhance your presence in the world.

After setting up the website, we were able to witness the surge in our sales. We were able to identify the amount of footfall, enquiries made and how we were able to convert them to sales. As business grew we also needed to take care of logistics, customer relationship. In order to tackle these issues we thought of building a customized software for our day to day transactions. Business in today’s world need dedicated software for better operation and growth. We have relied on Borncode - a reputed software development company which ensures the best quality and latest software within your budget. My Favourite- Social Media Marketing & SEO In today’s competitive world almost all the companies and applications are web based. Hence we need to constantly monitor our websites to ensure the maximum benefits. Even a website with great UI and world-class standards can become a big failure if the search engines don’t pick them up. If a website is not SEO friendly, then it is as good as non-existent. By managing the SEO we can increase our popularity and visibility of our website which can directly reflect in our sales. This also includes a well maintained home page in facebook,twitter, instagram, These are the various tools that can help in marketing for our company to the outside world. Borncode ensured us that our website is optimized at its best to provide a great potential opportunity to boost our SEO rankings and to make our website more accessible on search engines. We had the assurance from borncode that they will ensure that our website and customised software will generates more revenue by making us reach to a wider customer base.